Summer 2016 – Voices – A Story About E-Cigarette by Carrie Damian

Watch Carrie’s story, Voices - A Story About E-CIgarettes, below.

Watch Carrie’s story, Voices – A Story About E-CIgarettes, below.

Carrie Damian of Nanwalek, Alaska shares her story about e-cigarettes. The video produced by Charlie Ess, RurAL CAP’s Resilient Alaska Youth (RAY) AmeriCorps Program Coordinator. Electronic- or e-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that typically provide doses of nicotine to the user in a vapor form. In addition to nicotine, e-cigarette cartridges also contain an aerosolizing compound such as propylene glycol and often a flavoring agent.

Last year, the State of Alaska Epidemiology recommended:

  1. Health care providers should screen their adolescent patients for e-cigarette use.
  2. Health care providers should emphasize that e-cigarette use has not been thoroughly researched to know the short or long-term effects. Moreover, users are at risk for developing an addiction to nicotine, which may put them at increased risk for using other tobacco products, which in some cases are less expensive than e-cigarettes.
  3. Health care providers should recommend cessation counseling to e-cigarette users. In Alaska, counseling is available for free. Informational resources are available at: or 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669).


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